Goals 2015

Today I have added some of the goals for this year(2015) but this time very serious about my goals and plans.I am planning to add the goals in my blog post and try to make this happen in the following months So that I can retrospect my progress.

Goals 2015
  1. Concentrate on some open source projects or create new ideas and make it as open source projects.
    1. Improve my coding skills and able to see different coding standards.
    2. Learning new technologies/languages
    3. Understanding the design patterns which they have used in their code
  2. Book Reading – At least one book per month..It can be anything Professional/Novels or anything.
  3. Arduino/Netduino/Rasperry Pi /Android – This was my long back dream but I couldn’t make it. This year will add some home automation with these micro processors.
  4. Blog Writing – Now I am doing it here … Its having the limit of at least 50 this year.
  5. Photography – This tooo long back dream not able to make it last year and before…
  6. Reduce weight – Target is 73 to 75… some of the sub goals
    1. Daily do some exercise and yoga
    2. Wakeup early / Early to bed (Today already late …)
Apart from these some personal goals are there… Will have to make it this year (2015).
I will update the progress here one by one.
Happy New Year (2015) Friends… Lets make it happen this time Smile.
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